We Help Service-Based Businesses (Local & Online) 
Grow By Installing 
Lead Generation Systems 
to Get Clients From The Internet.

The Founder
Simeon Krastev is a Marketing Strategist and Funnel Expert. 

He created a system that helps service-based businesses generate consistent flow, of highly engaged, qualified leads by leveraging different advertising platforms. 

Through a concept called Dynamic Trigger Marketing, we shorten your sales cycles and with the power of automation, we send more relevant marketing messages to your prospects and convert better.

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Our Mission
We are on a mission to help 1000 small businesses grow in 2019. In this picture, you see our clients from one of the boot camp workouts in our Health & Active Centre (yes, we run a physical business too). We've been able to build and grow our community by leveraging the internet to find more customers and attract them to our tribe!

That's the very reason we do what we do at SK Media. We realize that the business owners are the ones WHO CHANGE the world, but that could only happen if they reach enough people. We feel most alive when we help local & online businesses experience constant growth and we do that by helping them set up lead generation campaigns. 
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