How Simeon Krastev went from broke personal trainer in Bulgaria making 300$ a month to now helping businesses world-wide to explode their businesses.
I started from the worst possible scenario you can think of. I didn't speak English. I was a Personal Trainer Making 300$ a month and knew nothing about Online Marketing, blogging, Facebook Ads, content marketing or anything remotely related to it. Nothing. Nada.

All I knew how to do was to lift weights and help other people to get in shape.

All I did was - train my clients and hope they don't travel the next month so I can actually make my 300$ a month...

It was easy. Safe. But I got burned out.

I knew I wanted much more out of life. I was meant to have it I thought. But I didn't know how to get there. All I knew is that I want to have the freedom to be anywhere in the world I want while still giving back to the community and helping people.

Not too much to ask for, right?

If you don't have the time to read, I was a broke personal trainer and with the help of a single book and the power of Sales Funnels and Facebook Ads I was able to completely transform my life and my business and I'm now helping others to do so with their business by getting them leads like clockwork.

And if you want to hear the whole story, keep on reading...
Yep, that’s me. Why the serious face, you might ask?. Well, I wasn't particularly excited for the 12 hour day ahead of me.

Even though I loved my personal training clients to death, I was starting to get a little burned out. Back to back sessions, low income and NO free time whatsoever.

I slowly started to resent my passion for fitness. That's the first time my brain started looking for opportunities and new ways I can earn income. And that's exactly how I can across the online world. I wanted to build a website, that hopefully is going to allow me to offer online coaching as a service and help clients at scale so I could earn my time back. My evil motive was that I wanted to serve more people at a time and not be capped by the 12 or so hours a day I could offer in the personal training studio.

That's how I built my first ever website -

It's been hella fun, but didn't get me close to getting my online personal training business off the ground! I have built this website hoping for people to magically land on the page and starting joining my programs. Shared it with my friends and mom, and as you can guess... Crickets!

Months of building and NO sales (not even 1)... 

That's the first time I realized that without marketing & advertising a business wouldn't be able to get off the ground. And that's how I discovered the whole new realm of online marketing. 

Blogging helps you build credibility? Okay, I will start writing (my english sucked really bad back in the days. It still does). Video? Let me try that too. Maybe google ads? Sure. 

None of these worked for me. I couldn't make it work. And I was so frustrated.
I was literally sitting on my commute back home thinking to myself "Are you the dumbest fucking person alive? Everyone else out there is killing it and you can't even get one of those methods to work for you". I felt like a failure. I spent all my extra money (which was about 160-200$ a month) trying different things but none of them worked. I gave up online marketing and went back to the drawing board.

"Okay maybe this thing is not for me, but what do I do now? Well, online marketing is not working for me but maybe traditional marketing will help" - I thought. So I ended up switching my major in college from Economics to Marketing. Trying to learn it from the "academics". Obviously, these gurus were full of shit and I was never going to be able to do what they did... Two years later. Not much has changed.

I worked full-time as a Personal Trainer making right about 700-1000$, give or take, depending whether it was a good or bad month and I was stuck. I haven't learned anything in school. At least not applicable. And I didn't know what I wanted to do next. I was sure of one thing, I didn't want to work from 7am until 9pm for pennies.  So I've quit my job as a personal trainer that I loved to become a "marketer" in the traditional sense of it. Meaning that I joined a Multi-national company as a Marketing Assistant. Your typical 9 to 5, more like 9-7 but hey, that's still much better than what I had previously so it was okay.. I started learning a lot about Branding, Pricing, Positioning, Distribution. It was a gold mine for information. I even got promoted to a Junior Brand Manager. Wohooo. I started soaking all that information but unfortunately I couldn't apply it in the online world. And I gave up the online marketing completely.

Until one day. Out of nowhere a guy named Russell Brunson showed up in my Facebook Newsfeed holding a book called "Expert Secrets" and I thought to myself... another Guru. No thanks. Then in a few days, he showed up again. He was doing a LIVE video with Tony Robbins, I watched a bit of it and it caught my attention. But again I thought.... no this guy is full of crap why would I trust him.. I've already tried all of these things out there. I even clicked on his ad to see what he was all about. Didn't buy his book but he got me intrigued. Long behold. I was retargeted (more on that in this FREE cheatsheet as this is my best lead generation strategy now) with his ads everywhere I went asking me to get the book. And I'm glad I finally cracked and got the book. 

You see how bad I felt about this online marketing thing? I didn't want to get a FREE book on it. This book literally transformed my life and taught me more about marketing in 250 pages than I've learned in the entire 3 years I've spent trying to crack the code. I suggest you get that book too.

Anyway, this book opened my eyes and I was re-introduced to online marketing and it's power. I was introduced to Sales Funnels! And I was wondering what I was doing wrong in the past. I had a website... that's the problem I hadA website serves you well for branding and for getting people to read your stuff, and interact with you. But it hardly, if ever, gets people to buy from you...You might think I'm crazy for saying that but let me shed some light on the topic. After years of failure I can finally say where it all went wrong.

So why you should ditch your website? Or at least don't expect to make many sales off of it...It's because the attention span of people in the 21st century is 8 seconds. Just as much as a goldfish..
Do you see where I'm going?

You take the people to your website and you have only 8 seconds and 10 possible pages for your prospects to visit..

And even if they get to your sales page ... they have no idea why they should buy from you... they don't know what you are all about... and why they should trust you..

So what do they do?

Leave, to never come back!

What I needed all this time was a funnel..... and what a funnel is?

An automated system that allows you to give your prospects information bit by bit depending on their level of engagement...and then get them on the phone so sell them on your products and services effortlessly!
Effortlessly, because you've already built a rapport with them. Educated them by providing relevant content based on where they enter your funnel.

Makes sense? (if not I suggest you watch this video)Russell is a bit better than me on explaining it lol

And once I realized that it all starts with one page where I have all my prospects come through so I can collect their information, I was able to scale my business overnight... Literally.. from lurkers on my website to hundreds of leads weekly coming through my funnel...

So today that's what I do - I help other small business owners and entrepreneurs generate leads for their businesses. Plus I run a physical location business myself. And let me tell you online marketing works for "real businesses" like magic.

Not only it works for coaches, consultants and service providers.... but if you are a restaurant owner, chiropractor, dentist, doctor, personal trainer or massage therapist you should ABSOLUTELY be advertising online and my little FREE Report shows you the 9 Proven Steps on How to Get Leads from cold traffic and convert them into high-paying clients in no time.

Anyway, this is already getting way too long. I have a lot more to share but if you want to hear more from me, send an email to simeon!

I will get back to you

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